Museum of local history of the district of Völkermarkt

This museum of history presents precious artworks from antiquity to the present time as well as examples of sacral traditions, archeological findings, rustic furniture and traditional costumes.

Kärntner Volksabstimmungsfresko

Especially worth seeing is the scientifically objective documentation of the events at the time of the Carinthian Plebiscite 1918-1920 and the Austrian State Treaty 1955.

Attractions: duplicate of the Jubilee Bell from 1930, frescoes showing scenes of the plebiscite from Prof. Hermann Heller, district’s relief, exhibition about the State Treaty (guided tours possible for groups).


Volksabstimmungsmuseum Völkermarkt
Faschinggasse 1
9100 Völkermarkt
Tel. +43 4232 257139
Bezirksheimatmuseum Völkermarkt

Opening hours

May to October

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