Malta High Alpine Road

Through the valley of waterfalls, along the 14,4 km long Malta High Alpine Road, several interesting spots like the Malta Watergames invite to rest.

At 1.933 m above sea level Austria’s highest concrete dam – the Kölnbreinsperre awaits you with lookout platform „Airwalk“, as well as the alpine hotel restaurant Malta with “VERBUND Energiewelt” and dam tours.

Tips: Guided tour into the dam with a multimedia show and a breathtaking view into the depths of “Airwalk” at the Kölnbreinsperre.

Airwalk auf der Kölnbreinsperre in Malta im Lieser-Maltatal

Platform „Airwalk“


Malta Hochalmstraße / Kölnbreinsperre
Brandstatt 36
9854 Malta Österreich
Tel: +43 4733 296
VERBUND Tourismus GmbH
Büro Kolbnitz
Rottau 12
9815 Rottau
Telefon: +43 (0) 50 313 39363 

Opening hours

May to October

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