Danes danes, 25. marec 2023

  • 03:00 less rain
  • 06:00 drizzle
  • 09:00 sunny and isolated rain
  • 12:00 partly cloudy
  • 15:00 sunny and isolated rain
  • 18:00 partly cloudy
  • 21:00 brightly
  • 24:00 brightly

wind in exposed higher regions: SW to NW with 25 to 40 kmph
Only in the early morning some rain, then clouds breaking up. During the day partly sunny and mostly dry weather. However, also local rain showers possible.

jutri, 26. marec 2023

  • 03:00 brightly
  • 06:00 partly cloudy
  • 09:00 partly cloudy
  • 12:00 cloudy
  • 15:00 cloudy
  • 18:00 sunny and isolated rain
  • 21:00 drizzle
  • 21:00 less rain

wind in exposed higher regions: SW with 25 to 50 kmph
Partly sunny in the morning, then increasing cloudiness, in the evening and in the night some rain.

Monday, March 27

With strong and cold northerly winds some clouds traverse. However, mostly dry weather with some sunny periods in between is expected. Stormy in the north and some snow showers at the Tauern ridge.

Tuesday, March 28

With cold northerly only some harmless clouds and mostly sunny weather.

Wednesday, March 29

Again several clouds but also sunny spells in between. Slightly raising temperatures.

Thursday, March 30

A mixture of some sun and several clouds. But mostly dry weather expected.

Friday, March 31

Partly denser clouds, in the east more often short sunny spells. Local moderate wind from west to southwest.

25.03.2023 - 09:31 - Zentralanstalt für Meteorologie und Geodynamik (ZAMG) - The weather experts in Carinthia