Region Nockberge

Alpine jewel on the sunny southern side of the Alps

A world of gentle hilly summits:

Deeply rooted in the Nockberge Biosphere Park, this world of gentle hilly summits offers unique activities following the rhythm of the seasons in an unadulterated natural landscape. The idyllic valleys in the municipalities of Ebene Reichenau, Gnesau, Deutsch Griffen and Himmelberg can be explored as early as spring on enjoyable themed hiking trails.

In summer a network of paths stretching for many kilometres invites you up onto the mountains of the Turracher Höhe, Falkert, Hochrindl and Innerkrems.

The Nockalm Road is always a good choice, and trained Biosphere Park rangers are on hand with unforgettable adventure tours for all the family.

Za vse nastanitve na Koroškem imate garancijo najboljše cene!

The “Nocky-Flitzer” alpine roller coaster is always fun, and younger visitors’ eyes will shine at the Heidi Alm children's adventure park.

Villages in the region

Tourismusregion Nockberge GmbH
Turracher Höhe Naturgenuss

Turracher Höhe

Emira Husidic; © Kärnten Werbung
Ebene Reichenau in den Nockbergen

Ebene Reichenau-Patergassen

Emira Husidic; © Kärnten Werbung
Amthof in Feldkirchen in den Nockbergen


Heidialm Falkert

Heidi Alm Falkert

Emira Husidic; © Kärnten Werbung
Tiebelquellen in Himmelberg in den Nockbergen


Emira Husidic; © Kärnten Werbung
Holzskulturen in Gnesau in den Nockbergen


Schloss Albeck Elisabeth Sickl
Holzskulpturenpark im Schloss Albeck in Albeck Sirnitz

Sirnitz - Hochrindl

Ulf Böhringer; Kärnten Werbung
Motorradland Kärnten

Krems in Kärnten

Emira Husidic; Kärnten Werbung
In einem Seitental des Gurktales liegt der Erholungsort Deutsch-Griffen. Markanter Punkt in der Gemeinde ist die auf einer Anhöhe gelegene Wehrkirche aus dem 12. Jahrhundert.



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