Schiefling am Wörthersee

Geographically the market municipality of Schiefling lies between Velden am Wörthersee and the Keutschach valley of lakes. The municipality is known mainly for the distinctive Kathreinkogel with a height of 772 metres, where a settlement dating from the 12th century BCE has been excavated.

It is the oldest settlement in the entire Eastern Alps area – the finds date from the Neolithic, Bronze Age and Late Antiquity. You can learn all about the historic finds in the Kathrein Museum, which is open in July and August. A popular hiking route leads across the Kathreinkogel and past the excavations and the museum.

Other hiking trails through the marsh and lake landscape in the Keutschach valley of lakes are a good way of rapidly forgetting the bustle of everyday life. The Trattnigteich pond and Lake Penkensee also await and score highly for recreation.

The municipal lido in particular beckons for a dip in Lake Wörthersee, and the Wörthersee ferries

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Tourismusbüro Schiefling am Wörthersee
Pyramidenkogelstraße 150
9535 Schiefling am See
Tel.: +43 4274 2275 
Fax: +43 4274 51513

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