The Wachsstub`n with café

Make a journey into the world of the historic wax-chandler´s and gingerbread baker´s handcraft.

From the small beeyard, the origin of the wax, to the manufacturing of a wax vent to the creation of a traditional wax taper.

Isabella Marx crafts wax tapers, candles and other waxen artwork that she also sells in the Wachsstub`n. In the Café with terrace and children´s playground you can enjoy home-made dainties like Kärntner Reindling or Jause (typical carinthian cake and snack). Discover typical austrian gastronomic specialities in a historical ambience with view of the castle.


Wachsstub'n Cafe
Fürstenhofplatz 1
Alter Getreidespeicher
A-9360 Friesach
Tel.: +43 676 47 43 411

Opening hours

Muesum opening hours:
From April to October, Wednesday-Saturday 9am-6pm, Sunday and non-business day 10am-5pm or with reservation

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